The AHS foundation is a charity dedicated to saving lives, improving conditions, and rebuilding communities and infrastructures in areas affected by natural disasters. We are committed to providing training initiatives that empower local communities; thus enabling them to rise out of poverty and despair and once again become a self sustaining and thriving community. Currently we provide vital support to communities devastated by the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, with aid for over 12,000 people in Kashmir. The village of Noon Bagla is the centre of our training and redevelopment proposals.

It was set up by Nadeem Shah in memory of his late father Ahmed Hassan Shah. Chaired by Nadeem with the aid of a progressive Board of Trustees the Foundation is now actively engaged in fund raising. Nadeem travelled to the devastated area almost immediately after the disastrous earthquake in October 2005. This life-changing experience convinced him of the need to establish the AHS Foundation and to make a permanent and realistic improvement to the lives of the community of Noon Bagla, a village left devastated by the earthquake .




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Pakistan High Commissioner Lauds AHS Foundation

In a ninety minute meeting with the Pakistan High Commissioner, His Excellency Wajid Hasan, on 24th February AHS Foundation representatives were praised for the work they have done in Kashmir. read more

A Free Medical Camp and Health Centre site

A medical camp was held at the AHS Foundation’s Dispensary / Health Centre site,two hundred and forty eight patients were treated and provided with medicines by Medical Doctor Mr. Saleem Akhtar read more

Dispensary and First Aid

Prior to the opening of the dispensary, there were a number of deaths attributable to preventable illnesses such as diarrhoea and dehydration. read more