A free medical camp and health centre site

Medical camp

A medical camp was held at the AHS Foundation’s Dispensary / Health Centre site,two hundred and forty eight patients were treated and provided with medicines by Medical Doctor Mr. Saleem Akhtar and Assisting staff Ms. Farhat Aara, Ms.Nuzhat Aafreen, Mr.Usman, and Mr. Naseer.

This baby was severely under weight and suffering from malnutrition when her mother brought her to see the visiting doctor. Previously she didn’t have any access to medical help and had no transport to take her to the nearest hospital in Muzafarabad. The baby was provided with food supplements and medicines.

This man was brought to the camp from the village of Badyala. He had been severely bleeding from his nose for two days. The Doctor immediately checked the patient and found that the man was suffering from seriously high blood. Thankfully he got diagnosed and received medication in time.

Many of the children were suffering from worms, stomach problems, high fevers and malnutrition. Medicines and food supplements were provided for them.