Pakistan Diary

AHS Foundation Director of Fundraising and Operations, Michael Champion, went on an expedition to Pakistan on 31st October 2010 for three months. Here we serialise his daily diary where he details his first impressions of the people he met and the obstacles he had to surmount in order to complete his mission out there.

This is an insightful account from a visitor to one of the world’s most interesting, dangerous and exciting countries. Michael spent his time between Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, and the remote village of Noon Bagla, where our Basic Health Unit has been built.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to remove yourself from the comfort of a routine job, in a safe and comfortable environment and to travel 4000 miles, by yourself, to a place totally different to what you’re used to and live the lifestyle of another culture, then this diary is for you.

AHS Foundation Trustee, Col. David Harris OBE, said:

What Michael did was brave, commendable and totally selfless.
He is a shining example that it is individuals that create the Big Society.

Pakistan Diary