AHS redevelopment


Immediately after the earthquake and through the following winter, tents were the only form of shelter for the people of Noon Bagla.

Nadeem Shah visited the area three days after the earthquake to deliver tents to the villagers.

School Buildings

In the 2005 earthquake, the school in Noon Bagla collapsed, killing fourteen children.

The AHS foundation appealed for support for new school buildings to be constructed.

The children in the village were frightened of being inside concrete buildings as a result of the deaths of their friends.

AAPKI responded to the foundation’s appeal, and provided five wood cabins to be used for a school. These cabins were ideal due to their lightweight but robust construction, allowing the children to feel safe enough to continue their education


The psychological ordeal faced by these children was reported by the schools headmaster, and recognised by friend of the foundation Raymond Elderton, who donated funds to sponsor the provision of a playground for them.

Ray travelled to Noon Bagla and helped erect the playground himself, and was overwhelmed by a surge of excited, happy children who had never seen swings, slides and a roundabout before.

The headmaster reported with a swell of happiness the power of these simple things to heal the lives of the children, who had been sullen and quiet since the loss of their friends